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ASAVIE & AVVASI new JAL21 Partners

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No, this is not some kind of strange word game. These are our two new partners who happen to have almost mirrored names. We met both at the MWC in Barcelona back in February and we chose to work together because they possess absolutely disruptive products that fit perfectly within our portfolio.


AVVASI is a leading provider in Video QoE from Canada (see, which has already done some work for one of the World’s major Telecoms. AVVASI helps networks providers to adapt video to networks in the following ways:

  • Measuring whether customers are happy or frustrated whilst watching a video streaming (both OTT or the network’s own assets)
  • Real-time traffic management of video in specific cells to ease network congestion.
  • Monetizing video by introducing chargeable video minutes as opposed to charging by the megabyte (
  • Monetizing end-to-end QoE service level agreements per video session with content providers and advertisers
  • Monetizing VIP customers by introducing video quality service tiers (high definition, standard definition, etc.)
  • A video link of the CEO, Mate Pigrin, explaining the Avvasie’s benefits:



Juan Antonio Latasa, JAL21 CEO and Ralph Shaw, Asavie CEO,  in Dublin.

Asavie is an Irish based leading developer and provider of cloud-delivered, secure connectivity services to mobile Carriers. Asavie’s PassBridge™ platform enables Carriers to rapidly launch innovative OTT services that are massively scalable and deliver a complete connectivity solution for smartphones, tablets, cellular routers and M2M ecosystems. Carriers such as Vodafone, Telefonica and AT&T enjoy greater control over the customer’s experience, removing risk for the Carrier and their clients by delivering the end-to-end solution.

We are very excited and optimistic about having Asavie and Avvasi working with us at times when OTT Video streaming and M2M ecosystems are modeling the industry. JAL21’s team is determined to help them reveal their potential in Southern Europe.


Contract Asavie JAL21

Paco Marin (Senior Parter at JAL21), Juan Latasa, Ralph Shaw and Alex Pierce (Asavie Business Development Director )


We, at JAL21, are happy to officially announce our new partners: Asavie and Avvasi

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