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Top Telecoms authorities in Spain visit JAL21 and IVC

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On May 13th, JAL21 and its partner IVC were visited by two of the top authorities in Spain, the Secretary of State for Telecommunications (Víctor Calvo-Sotelo), and the Geeneral Manager of the Spanish Internet agency (Borja Adsuara).

As a result of a previous meeting at the Mobile World Congress in February, JAL21 extended an invitation to these two key industry figures to visit the “Business Acceleration” platform being created together by JAL21 and IVC. Mr. Calvo-Sotelo and Mr. Adsuara were received by the CEO of IVC, Mark Kavelaars, and the CEO of JAL21, Juan A. Latasa, along with other key people in both companies (see pictures).

After a quick tour of the state-of-the-art facilities, an intense but also very agreeable meeting took place in which some key topics were discussed, such as: the Spanish entrepeneuship echosystem, the need to help Spanish technology companies grow  internationally, the advantages for foreign high-growth companies to grow their business in Europe and Latam from Spain, etc. Also, very importantly, the plans to form a Venture Capital plans for IVC and JAL21 were discussed, and how they would fit in the announced Government plans fr the new “Law for Entrepeneurship” to be released soon.

As a result of the meeting a few key action items were identified which will be follow-up in the next months. But most importantly, there was a clear common feeling that in this case, the private initiative and the public administration were very aligned to push forward technology entrepenuership and innovation in Spain.




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