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JAL21 signs new shareholder agreement with technology fund Innoventure

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Last October 26th, JAL21 signed a new shareholder agreement, giving entry into the company to the technology fund InnoVenture (from Innovative Venture) (

Innoventure´s corporate and foundational philosophy combines two main factors — Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

Innovation, not neccesarily understood in the technological area, but as the capacity to provide something really new or different to the market and understanding that contribution as a key distinctive factor in the potential success that can be expected from the project.

Entrepreneurship understood as providing to the society new business initiatives that, not only help to improve particular aspects of it or the way we live, but also be able to generate value and wealth. The team behind Innoventure has a long experience in entrepeneurship, and it forms part of its constitutive DNA.

For this, Innoventure provides to the entrepreneur not only the financial means for its establishment and set up, but specially, the knowhow, talent and expertise necessary to support the project enriching the initial concept to make it more complete, comprehensive and attractive in terms of potential market.

For all of the above, Innoventure and JAL21 are happy to initiate their joint way together!!

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