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JAL21 signs agreement as Senior Advisor with Arthur D.Little Consulting

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JAL21 is proud to announce the signature of an agrement by which Juan A. Latasa becomes Senior Advisor to the prestigious management consulting firm Arthur D. Little. The goal of the agreement is to collaborate in business development and customer engagements in the TV and Internet Video Competence Center this firm has opened in Europe.


Arthur D. Little, founded in 1886 by Arthr Dehon Little in the USA, is the world’s first management consultancy.

For over 120 years, the Arthur D. Little name has been synonymous with technological ingenuity and innovative thinking. Arthur D. Little’s management consulting services were traditionally sought after not only by corporations but also by state bodies, federal agencies and governments worldwide. Its project work focused on corporate finance, environmental risk, information management, operations, strategy and organisation, technology and innovation, and a host of other services to maintain the competitiveness of its clients.

Arthur D. Little’s success can be attributed to its professionals and business methodologies. With over 1,000 professionals in over 20 countries, our professionals approach projects by getting to the heart of the question. From there, information is extrapolated, reviewed and assessed to determine more effective ways to operate, go to market, and increase revenues. Success is not based on a single action, but on the collective actions of the team. By working side-by-side™ with our clients, we prove to them that we are just as strongly committed as they are to understanding and addressing their challenges. Arthur D. Little is not a bureaucratic culture but one that is collaborative and forward-thinking.

… And JAL21 is proud to be part of the Arthur D. Little team!!

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