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JAL21 holds first “Strategy Off-Site” near Madrid

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For the first time since the creation of the company, the founding group of Senior Partners of JAL21 Consulting got together for our first “Strategy Off-Site”, which took place in a beautiful country hotel at El Escorial (Madrid), last October 8th.

The picture below shows the full team of Senior Partners at the entrance of the hotel. From left to right:  Fernando Bustamante, Jose María Rosado, Paco Marín, Carlos Delgado, Luis Garavito, Vicente Martínez, y Juan Antonio Latasa (JAL).

S.Partners escalera

The only Senior Partner missing was Jordi Argente, who lives and works in Silicon Valley, but who connected through videoconference. Also, we invited to the session to Miguel Atienza, recently incorporated in the company as CEO Program Manager, and who is learning very fast everything about the company!


S. Partners + Miguel


The agenda of the historic day was quite packed, and intense and lively discussion took place during the working sessions (see picture above). The goal achieved was to evaluate JAL21´s business model and new strategic objectives. The strength of a team with great knowledge and experience, contributed to the firm by each of the Senior Partners, became evident during the event. Moreover, new and powerful ideas came up, which is a sign of the vibrant and outstanding atmosphere of JAL21.

On top of that we had a lot of fun, and a fantastic dinner the night before at El Escorial downton!!

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