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JAL21 and IVC join forces to develop the leading Business Accelerator in Spain

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On April 2nd, JAL21 and IVC (International Venture Consultants) signed a partnership agreement that sets a common journey for both companies to work together to build the leading Business Accelerator based in Spain for Europe and Latam.

IVC is a Consulting group, founded in 1970 with the aim to help foreign companies in the establishment and development of it’s operations in Spain and Europe. In these 40 years, it has assisted more than 2.000 companies to reach more and better business opportunities and to optimize the management of all processes (front and back office), making these companies more efficient and competitive organizations.

Currently with over 70 professionals and modern offices in Madrid and Barcelona, IVC develops activities around incubation, acceleration and optimization of international ventures, working with a pragmatic and innovative approach based on knowledge of the real needs of our customers, ensuring immediate and measurable results. IVC is specialized in the industries of Technology, Manufacturing and Retail with a strong focus on B2B ventures.

JAL21 is a young and vibrant Consulting and Business Development firm dedicated to providing advice and support to innovative technology companies, mainly from the United States and Silicon Valley, with particular focus on the Telecommunications and Internet industry. JAL21 is already successfully helping some leading technology companies in its stablishment and business development activities in Europe and Latin America, and recently some contacts have been initiated with China and Israel for the same goal. At the same time, it is also developing projects to internationalize Spanish high-tech companies into Europe, USA and Latam.



As can be seen on the picture above, Both Mark Kavelaars, General Manager of IVC, and Juan Latasa, founder and CEO of JAL21, happily stamped their signatures on this joint agreement that sets the following main goals:

  1. The provision of services of acceleration and business development for technology companies from the United States (Silicon Valley) and China into Europe and Latam, based in Spain.
  2. The assitance to Spanish techology companies for internationalization and development of its activities in Europe and Latin America.
  3. The creation of an Venture Fund focused on technology companies with Spanish and international investors.

“The complementarity between both companies is a great match: IVC brings the experience and resources and JAL21 the expertise on the exciting industry of Telco and Internet” Said Mark Kavelaars upon signing the agreement. Juan added: “As they say, this is one small step for humanity, but a big one for our companies, to do great things together.”

Both IVC and JAL21 share the common vision that investing and advising high growth ventures requires the best industry expertise, talented teams and expert day to day execution. Together they provide and end-to-end capability to grow successful and sustainable international ventures.


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