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JAL21 and IVC visit successfully Silicon Valley for the Spain Tech Week

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During the last week of May, the CEOs of JAL21 (Juan Latasa) and its partner IVC (Mark Kavelaars) went to Silicon Valley for an intense action-packed trip, as part of a larger group of Spanish Entrepeneurs and business people selected by the Spanish Ministry of Industry / ICEX and (see

The official program was called «Spain Tech Week» (the first of its kind), and it was designed to improve the image of Spanish Technology companies in the USA, and to facilitate their entrance in such a competitive market. As part of the program, there were different events and meetings where investors, partners and potential customers from Silicon Valley were exposed to the potential of Spanish technology companies. For example, at the «Start Up Conference» on May 30th the Spanish companies competed for investors among 200 start-ups in Silicon Valley, and the winner was in fact a Spanish company called MadVideo (

JAL21 and IVC together brought 6 customer companies to the event, and made significant progress for them both at the commercial and investment levels. Besides, in parallel to the «official» agenda, there was a «parallel» agenda of meetings with potential customers (some top-notch companies in high-growth technology areas), investors and partners that made the trip really sucessful!! Coming soon in the next posts, we will be making announcements about some of these deals.

Please see the pictures below as a good memory of a fantastic trip!!


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