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JAL21 and Graymatics sign partnership agreement for Europe and Latam

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As a result of a recent meeting in San Francisco, JAL21´s CEO, Juan Latasa and Graymatics´ CEO, Abhijit Shanbhag, have signed on June 1st an agreement by which JAL21 will be their Business Development partner in Europe and Latinamerica.

Graymatics, a leading media technology company from Silicon Valley, is a cognitive media processing company. Their technology can recognize and categorize image and video content and enable it seamlessly almost in real time for advertising and e-commerce.

Paco Marin will be the Senior Partner from JAL21 supporting Graymatics: «I am excited to drive forward this partnership: Graymatics represents a disruptive step in digital marketing to take advantage of internet content and find new ways to connect with end customers, and JAL21 can really accelerate this business with big Telco, Media, and B2C companies in Europe and Latam.»

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