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J21 to move to new office

Posted by santi coupeau in Blog

After some years of tremendous activity and growth, J21 is finally moving to a new and bigger office on 1st December 2015.  After a careful selection processs, J21 closed a deal with the Technology and Science Business Park of Madrid, a modern and well located building with a complete entreprenurial ecosystem, very well communicated with the Telecoms and Corporate distric in Madrid  (see


This new office will facilitate to the whole team of J21, currently spread in different locations depending on projects, to work together and thus, to gain efficiencies and creativity… It will be easier to work as 1+1=3!

The building is also right at the heart of the Autónoma University in Madrid, a reknown University Campus in Spain with more than 25.000 students, and a ideal place to develop more J21´s activities around startup training and investment.


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