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Video will account for more than two thirds of Internet traffic by 2015, according to many industry reports. In this new era of Internet, JAL21 Consulting was founded in March 2012 by Juan A. Latasa to develop challenging, innovative projects leveraging its founder´s experience of 18 years of Marketing & Business development in the world´s largest Telecoms (AT&T, Telefónica / O2, and Vodafone), and his international background and industry networking. Based in London and Madrid, JAL21 Consulting will focus on Video, Internet TV, and Connected Home projects with Operators and emerging OTT Technology companies, accross Europe and Latinamerica.

Juan A. Latasa was for the last two years responsible for the Vodafone Internet TV Project in Spain (and Italy), a quite innovative hybrid TV service, combining the strength of DTT and Internet / OTT content, as well as multiscreen Media Center capabilities, into a single TV proposition for Broadband customers. This project was highly successful upon its commercial launch, achieving more customers in a few months than key TV competitors in several years (without any  publicity). Among other innovations, this project was the first one in Spain and Italy to launch a flat-fee OTT VoD service (in a similar model to Netflix), and to announce a partnership with YouTube to launch their «Leanback» service, a unique version of YouTube for the TV screen.

In a last phase at Vodafone, Juan collaborated with VF Group in a global video strategy project, as an international assignment based in London, and since April 2012, and already as an independent consulting firm, JAL 21 is already working with Vodafone Group across Europe as its first customer.


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