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From the CEO´s desk: Summary of 2014… and best wishes for 2015!!

Posted by santi coupeau in Blog

The year 2014 has been VERY intense for J21 – If I had to summarize it, I would use the word “consolidation”:  in terms of the business projections, the team, the key clients … And more importantly, the perception by all that form part of J21 that we are doing something unique, creating a solid professional practice, and having a lot of fun along the way.

Let me summarize in a few highlights the key achievements of 2014 for J21:

* We have consolidated our revenue pipeline, reaching our end-of-year target for 2014.

* We have preserved and grown key existing clients (eg, Opanga Networks, Eden Rock Communications) – With them and all other projects, we maintain the objective that “their success is our success”.

* We have consolidated the client pipeline, and signed new partnerships (eg, Asavie Technologies, Optenet, KDP Optic Fiber, MadMe, etc.)

* We are particularly proud this last half of the year of the achievement with KDP Optic Fiber to get the approval at the IEEE Annual Session in Texas, for the initiation of their technology as an 803.3 Gigabit Ethernet standard.

* We are also very proud of taking a first step with Asavie in hiring 2 full-time people in Spain (see our J21 Linkedin profile for the job postings).

* We have consolidated our team of 6 Senior Partners, and we are growing a impressive team of Senior Consultants (see photo from Christmas lunch in Madrid recently).

* We have significantly contributed to the development of SwanLaab Venture Capital, as co-founders and Board members together with fantastic partners such as Giza Ventures, IVC, and other leading technology investors.

* We have launched a unique training program for technology entrepeneurs, Startup Academy, completing our “echosystem” by having access to innovative ideas and talent.

* In terms of the J21 shareholder structure, we have closed our 1st round of investment with some of the existing Senior Partners, and also started to execute stock options.

* To better reflect the new structure and project the company forwards, we have rebranded the company from “JAL21 Consulting” to “J21 Partners – Consulting & Ventures” with the new image and logo going into the web page, email addresses, business cards, etc.

* In general, we have grown our networking capability and international recognition as a leading technology business  development  firm in Europe and Latam.

* … And last but not least, we have maintained our two main KPIs (Key Performance Indicators):  Pay our bills… and have a great time!!

That is the summary of  the positive achievements. They may read impressive — but do not be mistaken: there have been many hard-working and long days, some really bad ones, and also mistakes along the way … And there remain a few key challenges for the company in the months ahead, which I do not need to go into now, but which undoubtedly will continue to test our determination and demand the best of us.

j21partners Christmas 2015

For now, just finishing the year, I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to the whole team of Senior Partners and Consultants who are the ones who make J21 real. Thank you to our technology partners who rely on us to develop their business. Thank you to the investors in J21 who trust us their money, along with the other leading investors and the management of SwanLaab. Thank you to Enrique and Santi for summing up forces in Startup Academy, along with IVC and others. Thank you to Julia and the IVC support  team, who take care of such important  things as our invoices and expenses. And most importantly for me, thank you to my wife and family for all their continued support during these crazy times!! 😉

I can only say thank you to all, have a great Christmas season, and I wish you all with your families  the very best for the New Year 2015!!

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