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Last February 1st, 2013, JAL21 has signed a new contract to do business development for EDEN ROCK COMMUNICATIONS, a US West Coast high-growth Telco company (see

By this agreement, Eden Rock Comms becomes another trusted partner of JAl21 to be successful in Europe and Latam. The Senior Partner of JAl21 which will drive forward this relationship will be Paco Marín, a seasoned telecoms executive who will act as Eden Rock European Director.

Eden Rock Communications is dedicated to enhancing the value of Self Organizing Network (SON) innovations. SON has the potential to have a profound, positive impact on the wireless industry. Eden Rock’s mission is to deliver on the promise of SON through the creation of technologies and solutions that increase network performance, enhance end-user experience throughout the network, improve the economics of new network deployment paradigms, improve network operational efficiencies, enable inter-network spectrum coexistence, and substantially increase the overall value of wireless networks.wireless networks through groundbreaking

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